Association of
Urban and
Society Studies


Association of Urban and Society Studies (ASUSS) was founded in 2017 to get into the act in all areas of interest of the two complementary phenomena: Urban and society; and work as a part of building a future in which all residents in and around the urban ecosystems live healthily and peacefully.

Urban identity and belonging, right to the city and public space, local democracy and governance, evidence-based policymaking, urban ecosystems, protection and sustainability of natural and cultural assets, migration and integration policies, education, and last but not least, innovation and urban technologies are among the prominent study fields of the association.

Bringing together non-governmental organizations, local administrations, academia, and urban dwellers (especially vulnerable groups), and establishing collaboration among the city’s stakeholders are among the primary motivations of the association.


Association of Urban and Society Studies works in three main ways:

Bringing Together
  • Organizing Workshops
  • Events and Organizations
Building Cooperation
  • Taking Part in National and International Projects
  • Conducting Cooperation and Capacity Building Studies
Creating and Sharing Knowledge
  • Conducting Research and Studies
  • Running Campaigns of Awareness-raising and Communication